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High School — Social Studies
People in Societies


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    People in Societies


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      Activities: Advanced Work

      These activities can help your students reach the next level in their understanding.

      Role-Play a Model United Nations General Assembly

      Create a classroom forum similar to a United Nations General Assembly in which students are asked to present particular cultural perspectives on a chosen historical event. Assign representatives from both sides of historical events in which there were different cultural perspectives, including:

      • Creation of the state of Israel;
      • Partition of India and Pakistan;
      • Reunification of Germany;
      • End of apartheid in South Africa.

      Students must be prepared to articulate and defend their assigned viewpoint. Ask students to share their research that verifies the accuracy of the cultural perspective they portrayed. Members of the class not participating in the immediate presentation can be asked to evaluate the presentation and make a recommendation for action as though they were members of the United Nations.

      Analyze the Exploitation of Native Indigenous People by European Colonizers in the United States of America

      Students can trace the exploitation of Native Americans that resulted from interaction with European colonizers. Assign students a particular Native American culture or region. They can research how Native Americans of a particular region fared when contact between cultures was first made. They can trace how that group of Native Americans was treated by the newly independent United States of America. They can also trace how American governmental policies affected Native lands and forced cultural assimilation. Finally, students can research the lifestyle of Native Americans today. Students should ask themselves, how did oppression of Native Americans affect their culture? Has that changed in recent years, and if so, how? Students can present their findings in a report or presentation to the class.

      Explore Cultural Exchange

      Ask students to consider examples of cultural exchange or diffusion that are evident in historical record. In addition, have students predict ideas, technology, and products that will spread in the future. Students should identify one idea, one example of technology, and one product, and they should be able to explain the impact that these will have. What cultural practices will be altered? How might cultures change as a result of these exchanges? Students can present their findings through a written report or through a multimedia presentation.

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