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      Activities: Advanced Work

      These activities can help your students reach the next level in their understanding of Economics.

      Interpret Changes in the U.S. Economy

      Because of industrialization, the U.S. moved from a market economy to more of a mixed economy. The government's increasing involvement in economic decisions moved the U.S. to a mixed economy (market and command). Have students consider the ways in which industrialization changed how the U.S. answered fundamental economic questions.

      As students determine how industrialization changed the U.S. economy, have them draw conclusions about these changes by considering the following questions:

      • How did industrialization affect the U.S. economy?
        • How did industrialization change the ways we decided what to produce?
        • How did industrialization change the ways goods and services were produced?
        • How did industrialization change the ways we decided who would receive goods and services?
        • How did these changes connect to the changes in the ways people lived?
      • How did wealth, possession of wealth, and the connection between wealth and power change?
      • What other changes occurred in the methods of production in the U.S.?
      • What other changes to the methods of production might be possible in our current or future economy?

      Students can defend their answers through a written essay or class presentation.

      Evaluate Current Economic Issues and Policies Facing the U.S. Government

      Have students search for information regarding current economic topics and government policies. Have students analyze these issues by identifying:

      • What characteristic of the economy does this issue/policy address?
      • What is the existing role of the government in regards to this issue/policy?
      • Will the role of the government regarding this issue/policy change? If so, how will it change?

      Have students evaluate these issues/policies by asking:

      • Will government regulation increase as a result of the changes, or will it decrease?
      • How do these changes affect individuals?
      • How do these changes affect businesses?

      Students can determine a position about the issue/policy that they study. Students can write a position paper in which they present their position, report on their research, and support their position with evidence from that research.

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