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      Activities: Advanced Work

      These activities can help your students reach the next level in their understanding of Government.

      The Legacy of the Fourteenth Amendment: Prepare a Debate

      Have students research and debate more recent cases of discrimination and the protection of equal rights. Ask students to analyze the following Supreme Court decisions:

      • Plessy v. Ferguson;
      • Brown v. Board of Education;
      • Regents of the University of California v. Bakke.

      Help students identify connections between affirmative action and the Fourteenth Amendment.

      For the debates, students can be organized into groups of three. Within each group, assign roles:

      1. One person should present the group's opening argument;
      2. One person should respond to the opposing argument;
      3. One person should prepare the group's closing arguments.

      Students not participating in a debate can be prompted to evaluate and judge the arguments.

      Compare Different Forms of Government (Essay/Position Paper)

      Have students compare the U.S. government with that of another nation. Students should:

      • Explain how the systems of government are similar and different;
      • Determine the pros and cons of each of the forms of government based on public opinion within each nation and internationally;
      • Draw conclusions about the forms of government by explaining whether one is more successful than the other in accomplishing its purposes.

      Throughout their writing, students should provide evidence to support their conclusions.

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