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      Activities: Help with Fundamentals

      These activities can help you address the fundamentals of Economics with your students.

      Understand the U.S. Economy in Comparison

      Make sure students understand that the U.S. is an example of a mixed economy. Ask students to identify how our economic system frames our view of private property, freedom of enterprise, competition and consumer choice, and the overall role of the government. Compare the United States economy to another mixed economy so that students can examine various approaches.

        Private PropertyFreedom of EnterpriseCompetition and Consumer ChoiceThe Role of Government
      United States    

      Lead students to draw generalizations about the U.S. economy by having them answer the following questions:

      • What is the role of the individual in the U.S. and Chinese economies?
      • What is the role of businesses in the U.S. and Chinese economies?
      • What is the overall role of government in the U.S. and Chinese economies?
      • How do the economic roles of individuals, businesses and the government influence each other?
      • How do the U.S. and Chinese economies determine what goods and services to produce, how they will be produced, and who will consume them?
      Analyze the Economic Impact of Historical Events on the Role of Government in the Economy

      Consider events in U.S. history that led to changes in the economy. How did these events lead to changes in the role of the government in the economy?

      EventChanges in the economyChanges in the government's economic role to regulate economic activity and promote growth
      The Great Depression  
      World War II  
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