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High School — Social Studies


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      Activities: Help with Fundamentals

      These activities can help you address the fundamentals of Government with your students.

      Map the Terminology

      Have students complete a web using the following list of terms. On each "arm" of the web, students should explain how each term is connected. For additional support, provide students with more information on the following terms as centers of the webs.

      • Segregation;
      • Desegregation;
      • The Fourteenth Amendment;
      • Amendments to the U.S. Constitution;
      • Supreme Court decisions;
      • "Living Document."
      Breaking Down the Elements of Leadership Within a Government

      Have students identify the basic elements of leadership and power within the six different forms of government charted below. For additional support, fill in the "Example" column and provide students with text resources to complete the remainder of the chart. You may also provide students with a bank of answers. Students can fill in the blanks, crossing out each choice as it is used.

      Type of GovernmentExample Who is the leader? What is the leader's title? How does that person exercise power? How are the leaders chosen?
      Absolute Monarchy     
      Constitutional Monarchy    
      Parliamentary Democracy    
      Presidential Democracy    
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