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High School — Social Studies
People in Societies


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    People in Societies


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      Activities: Additional Instruction and Practice

      These activities may be useful for students who require additional instruction and practice.

      Analyze the Impact of Cultural Groups

      Have students identify the political and social changes brought about by various political action groups. Students can consider such groups as:

      • The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People;
      • National Organization for Women;
      • American Indian Movement;
      • United Farm Workers.

      For each group studied, have students identify the group's:

      • Founders;
      • Initial goals and the cultural perspectives that the groups hoped to advance;
      • Important events and achievements;
      • Current goals.

      Students can draw conclusions about the impact of these groups by asking, "How is life in the United States today different as a result of the actions taken by this group?"

      Research Indigenous Cultures Around the World

      Students can research and analyze surviving indigenous cultures. They can extend their research to trace how their assigned culture has adapted to cultural contact and exchange, or how the culture has remained unchanged throughout history. Ask students to consider:

      • The influence of the culture's perspectives on their actions;
      • The consequences of oppression, discrimination and conflict on this culture;
      • The ways that contacts with other cultures led to exchanges of cultural practices or how isolation from other cultures has limited exchange.
      Create a Presentation

      A cultural practice is a pattern of behavior accepted by a society. Throughout history, people have exchanged cultural experiences, ideas, values and goods through trade and migrations. Have students research exchanges of cultural practices, such as language or art, and the various means by which exchanges of cultural practices take place, such as advances in technology or communication and transportation. Alternately, students might choose to discuss how different cultures might deal with the same social issue, such as standards of beauty. Students should create presentations to be given in class.

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