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High School — Social Studies


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Activities: Additional Instruction and Practice

These activities may be useful for students who require additional instruction and practice.

Analyze Characteristics and Perceptions of Geographic Regions

Have students consider different regions in the U.S. and identify how physical, cultural, economic and political characteristics have changed our perception of these regions over time. Students may chart them, using the first completed row as a model:

Region Cultural Characteristics Physical Characteristics Economic Characteristics Political Characteristics Once perceived as... Now perceived as...
  • Frontier
  • Symbol of surviving off surroundings
  • Dense forests
  • Mountainous regions
  • Expanses of rocky terrain, or canyons
  • Animals exist in natural environments
  • Natural resources like timber
  • Tourism
  • Conservationist efforts
  • Dangerous
  • Rich in resources
  • Shrinking
  • Nostalgic links to a rustic past
  • An escape from urban life
Urban Areas            
Centers of Industry and Technology            

Students can use the chart to sum up their explanations in written form.

Identify and Analyze Geographic Change

Present students with maps and data from a table. Students can analyze the data by identifying any changes brought about by human activity.

To identify a change, students can ask:

  • What kind of change does this data show?
  • Is it economic? Political? Social? Physical? Cultural?
  • What might have caused this change?
  • What might be some consequences of this change?
  • How does the data support this change?
Identify Geographical Processes that Contributed to Changes in American Society

Students can recognize that geographical processes motivated people to move to and within the U.S. Have students consider examples that have roots in economic, social and political factors:

Example Movements of people, products and ideas that occurred Geographic factors involved How it changed American society
Industrialization and post-industrialization      
Urbanization and suburbanization