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High School — Social Studies


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      Activities: Additional Instruction and Practice

      These activities may be useful for students who require additional instruction and practice with Government.

      Draw Connections: Show the Evolution of the Constitution through the Fourteenth Amendment and the Related Supreme Court Decisions

      Assign students to groups of four. Within each group, have each student represent one of the following:

      • The Fourteenth Amendment;
      • Plessy v. Ferguson;
      • Brown v. Board of Education;
      • Regents of the University of California v. Bakke.

      Within each group, each student must identify:

      1. What were the historic events, social movements or shifts in public opinion that prompted the case to come before the Supreme Court?
      2. How does the change/interpretation of the U.S. Constitution connect to the next decision on the list?

      Have students summarize how all of the assigned amendments/Supreme Court decisions were connected by the Constitution's evolving interpretation of the protection of equal rights for all citizens.

      Investigate a Political Leader

      Assign students a political leader past or present. Have students identify which type of government this leader represents. Students should go on to identify the purpose, systems and functions of this form of government under the assigned leader. Students should then describe how this leader acquired power, how this leader uses his power and how he justifies his power. For additional practice, students can provide evidence to argue whether people ruled by this leader view him positively or negatively.

      Students can present their findings through written essays or oral presentations. This activity can be focused on specific leaders within a particular period in history.

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