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      Overview: Talking with Teachers about Geography

      People have relationships with the places where they live and work. We can look at geographic data, as well as cultural, physical, economic and political characteristics, to determine relationships between geography and human activity. As our world changes and becomes increasingly interdependent, it is crucial that students explore not just the earth and its features; they must also understand the distribution of life on the earth, including human life and the effects of human activity.

      Ohio's Academic Content Standards establish the following expectations for student performance in the area of Geography:

      • Students use knowledge of geographic locations, patterns and processes to show the interrelationship between the physical environment and human activity;
      • Students must be able to explain the interactions that occur in an increasingly interdependent world.

      The content in this Teaching Tool is based on Ohio's Academic Content Standards: K-12 Social Studies and includes types of questions asked on the Ohio Graduation Test. While various activities are suggested for working with students, this Teaching Tool is designed to complement a rigorous, research-based curriculum, not to substitute for one.

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