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High School — Social Studies
People in Societies


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    People in Societies


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      Online Resources

      Here are some websites that will help you in Social Studies.

      Instructional Resources for People in Societies

      National Council for the Social Studies
      National Council for the Social Studies engages and supports educators in strengthening and advocating the teaching of social studies. Their Web site provides teaching resources, lesson plans, information on professional development opportunities and more.

      Multicultural Community -- My Home
      In this activity from the Educator's Reference Desk, students will investigate the various ethnic groups in their community in order to find the different ways in which they contribute to the economic, political, and social development of the community.

      Consequences of Oppression
      In this lesson from the Ohio Department of Education, students consider and analyze the consequences of political, economic and social oppression, and the violation of indigenous groups' human rights.

      Cultural Contact and Exchange
      Through this Ohio Department of Education lesson students will use popular culture as a window to the impact of transportation and communication on contact and exchange between people of different cultures. Students will choose and analyze an example of popular culture, situating it in the larger contexts of globalization and cultural change.

      Jackie Steals Home
      In this lesson from the Library of Congress, students analyze primary sources relating to Jackie Robinson's groundbreaking career in professional baseball.

      Corridos About the Mexican Revolution
      In this lesson from the National Arts and Education Network, students use a particular Mexican song form, the corrido, to explore the major causes and key figures of the Mexican Revolution.

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