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High School — Social Studies


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      Online Resources

      Here are some websites that will help you in Social Studies.

      Instructional Resources for Economics

      National Council for the Social Studies
      National Council for the Social Studies engages and supports educators in strengthening and advocating the teaching of social studies. Their Web site provides teaching resources, lesson plans, information on professional development opportunities and more.

      National Council on Economic Education
      The National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) is a nationwide network that leads in promoting economic literacy with students and their teachers. NCEE's mission is to help students develop the real-life skills they need to succeed: to be able to think and choose responsibly as consumers, savers, investors, citizens, members of the workforce, and effective participants in a global economy.

      Federal Reserve Education
      The Federal Reserve System offers links to instructional materials and tools that can increase your students' understanding of the Federal Reserve, economics and financial education.

      FOMC Simulation
      This lesson, created by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, introduces students to the monetary policy-making group, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). Students simulate the FOMC's discussions of current and near-term economic and financial conditions. Students then decide to raise, lower or maintain short-term interest rates.

      Constitution Costs
      In this lesson from the National Council on Economic Education, students will learn about the basic services provided for Americans by the United States Constitution and the necessity of a system of taxation to fund those services. Students will then debate the pros and cons of having governments fund and provide particular services.

      In this lesson from the Ohio University School of Telecommunications, students listen to Ohio-based oral history to determine the impact of unions on the lives of workers and families.

      U.S. Farmers and the Cuban Embargo
      In this lesson from the National Council on Economic Education, students explore trade barriers, focusing on the Cuban embargo.

      The Credit Card Mystery
      In this lesson from the National Council on Economic Education, students investigate why credit card interest rates are so high in comparison to other rates, and how a government-imposed price ceiling on these interest rates would affect credit providers.

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