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    Earth and Space Sciences


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      Online Resources

      Here are some websites that will help you in Earth and Space Sciences.

      Instructional Resources for Earth and Space Sciences

      This resource includes activities, lessons and labs through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Included are Project Wet and Project Wild, which are nationally recognized science programs. Each of the activities, lessons and labs has been correlated with the Ohio Academic Content Standards.

      Energy Information Administration: Environment*
      The EIA provides energy statistics, environmental analyses, and emissions forecasts. Topics for discussion include greenhouse gases, climate change, energy and human activities affecting Earth's resources (Earth and Space Sciences, Benchmark B, D).

      Exploring the Environment*
      Find learning modules, student activities and teacher resources on topics including volcanoes, severe weather and global climate change (Earth and Space Sciences, Benchmarks B, D, E).

      Latest from Hubble*
      Supplement your instruction with data and an up-to-date chronology of the Hubble Space Telescope (Earth and Space Sciences, Benchmark A).

      Learning from the Fossil Record*
      The Museum of Paleontology University of California, Berkeley provides extensive resources, including classroom activities and alignment to the National Science Standards, for teaching students about what can be learned from the fossil record.

      United States Geological Survey*
      The USGS is dedicated to the timely and impartial study of the landscape, natural resources and natural hazards. Use USGS educational resources to support lessons on volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, biomes and more (Earth and Space Sciences, Benchmarks B, C, D, E).

      Weather and Climate in the Great Lakes Region*
      This Web site, provided by the Great Lakes Information Network, contains comprehensive resources related to the climate and weather patterns of the Great Lakes region, including Ohio (Earth and Space Sciences, Benchmark B).

      *This link contains resources or information that may be useful. These resources were not written to align specifically to Ohio's Academic Content Standards. The inclusion of a specific resource is not an endorsement of that particular resource, or any of its contents, by the Ohio Department of Education. Teachers are advised to preview all sites before using them with students.

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