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      Strategies: Additional Instruction and Practice

      The following activities are suggestions for working with students who need additional instruction and practice. We hope that the activities spark ideas and conversations among teachers about useful classroom strategies that can supplement existing curriculum.

      Activity 1

      Fossils and Geologic Time

      Click here* for "Fossils and Geologic Time", a lesson in which students explain how geologic time can be estimated by rock sequences and fossil correlation. This contributes to student understanding of the history of life on Earth based on observable scientific evidence in the geologic record (Earth and Space Sciences, Benchmark C). Students may also develop understanding of the historical development scientific theories about the history of Earth (Earth and Space Sciences, Benchmark F) and how these theories have changed over time (Scientific Ways of Knowing, Benchmark B).

      Activity 2

      Energy: The U.S. in Crisis?

      Click here* for "Energy: The U.S. in Crisis?, a case study of the California energy crisis of 2001. Students will describe the finite nature of Earth's resources and how human activities can deplete these resources (Earth and Space Sciences, Benchmark D). Students may also compare benefits and risks from political, economic and social perspectives and learn how science and technology, including the development of alternative fuels, can inform public policy of fossil fuel use (Science and Technology, Benchmark B).

      Activity 3

      Sea-Floor Spreading Model

      Click here* for a series of lessons to help student understanding of sea-floor spreading and continental drift. Students will explain sea-floor spreading and continental drift using magnetic reversals as scientific evidence. This activity contributes to student understanding of the process that moves and shapes Earth's Surface (Earth and Space Sciences, Benchmark E). Students will also construct, interpret and apply physical models that represent evidence for continental drift (Scientific Inquiry, Benchmark A).

      *This link contains resources or information that may be useful. These resources were not written to align specifically to Ohio's Academic Content Standards. The inclusion of a specific resource is not an endorsement of that particular resource, or any of its contents, by the Ohio Department of Education. Teachers are advised to preview all sites before using them with students.

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