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      Strategies: Additional Instruction and Practice

      The following activities are suggestions for working with students who need additional instruction and practice. We hope that the activities spark ideas and conversations among teachers about useful classroom strategies that can supplement existing curriculum.

      Activity 1

      Using Wind Tunnels

      Click here* for "Science is a Breeze: Using Wind Tunnels", a lesson in which students design and analyze a wind tunnel system for investigating drag on various objects. Students will explain why scientists use wind tunnels to continually assess aircraft design as well as test and refine ideas about aircraft design (Science and Technology, Benchmark A). Students will also participate in and apply the processes of scientific investigations to test the performance of various objects in wind tunnels (Scientific Inquiry, Benchmark A). This activity contributes to student understanding of the ways in which frictional forces constrain the motion of aircraft in flight (Physical Sciences, Benchmark D).

      Activity 2

      DNA Chips

      Click here* for "DNA Chips: A Laboratory in the Palm of Your Hand". This online article highlights a technological advance in the field of genetics, including its development and social impact. Students may apply knowledge from this article to cite an example of how technology is driven by the need to solve human problems. They should also describe how DNA chip technology may affect society (Science and Technology, Benchmark B). This article also contains a career profile of a molecular biologist, which may promote investigation of how knowledge and skills learned in life science class can apply to future careers (Scientific Ways of Knowing, Benchmark D). The skills in this activity support student understanding of the genetic mechanisms and molecular basis of inheritance (Life Sciences, Benchmark C).

      *This link contains resources or information that may be useful. These resources were not written to align specifically to Ohio's Academic Content Standards. The inclusion of a specific resource is not an endorsement of that particular resource, or any of its contents, by the Ohio Department of Education. Teachers are advised to preview all sites before using them with students.

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