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High School — Science
Scientific Inquiry


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Scientific Inquiry


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Strategies: Additional Instruction and Practice

The following activities are suggestions for working with students who need additional instruction and practice. We hope that the activities spark ideas and conversations among teachers about useful classroom strategies that can supplement existing curriculum.

Activity 1

The Last Straw Project

The "The Last Straw Project," from the National Science Foundation, an online tutorial that allows students to simulate environmental stresses and measure resulting plant growth.

This tutorial allows students to participate in and apply the processes of scientific investigation. Students will draw conclusions based on scientific knowledge about life processes of plants, the use of logic, and data from simulated investigations (Scientific Inquiry, Benchmark A). In addition, students will explain how plants interact with components of the environment (Life Sciences, Benchmark D).

Activity 2

Authentic Evidence and Plate Boundaries

"Discovering Plate Boundaries, a series of activities in which students analyze seismic activity data and explain the processes that occur at the boundaries between tectonic plates (Earth and Space Sciences, Benchmark E).

Students will construct, interpret and apply models that represent the processes of plate tectonics. Students will also have the opportunity to present findings with available technology, using clear language, accurate data and maps . Students draw logical conclusions using scientific knowledge of plate tectonic activity and seismic activity data from the USGS* (Scientific Inquiry, Benchmark A).

*This link contains resources or information that may be useful. These resources were not written to align specifically to Ohio's Academic Content Standards. The inclusion of a specific resource is not an endorsement of that particular resource, or any of its contents, by the Ohio Department of Education. Teachers are advised to preview all sites before using them with students.