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High School — Writing
Writing Conventions


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    Writing Conventions


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      Activities: Advanced Work

      These activities can help your students reach the next level in their understanding of Writing Conventions.

      L'orthographie (That's French for "spelling")

      Just for fun when you are working on spelling conventions, have students bring to class examples of cognates, foreign words that are spelled like English words, such as joyeux and positif (French), professore and intelligente (Italian), or teléfono and diccionario (Spanish).

      Break the Rules on Purpose

      Poets use punctuation with particular intentions. Ask your students to analyze the way poets use (or omit) punctuation to create particular rhythms or patterns in their language. With this in mind, poets e. e. cummings and Ogden Nash are particularly interesting poets to study. Have your students look at some examples of these poets' work to determine why they use punctuation the way they do.

      Get to the Source

      Ask students to research and present the history of punctuation symbols, the history of linguistics or a biography of an individual who contributed to our understanding of English grammar. Other possible research topics include the way Romans approached grammar through philosophy, or the early attempts to study the grammar of Sanskrit in India. Pique your students' interest in the rich history behind the subject of grammar in various cultures.

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