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High School — Writing
Writing Process


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    Writing Process


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      Overview: Talking with Teachers about Writing Process

      Good writers engage in a careful, multistep process. This can be daunting to students who want to write all of their ideas in one quick flurry. Encourage students to think of writing as a process, just like the development of a friendship or the stages of growing up. It takes time and there are multiple steps to follow before a writer can realize a satisfactory end result.

      The steps of an effective writing process include pre-writing, drafting, revising and publishing. In the pre-writing stage, writers plan their writing for different purposes and audiences. As they draft, they establish their ideas and voices. They return to the text to revise, improving the choice of words and editing grammatical errors. They also check that the organization of the piece is clear. The final step is publishing the piece.

      The Ohio Academic Content Standards establish the following expectations for student performance in the area of Writing Process:

      • Students must be able to engage in effective pre-writing tasks, including identifying purpose and audience and planning an organized written response.
      • Students produce compositions that reflect effective word and grammatical choices.
      • Students develop revision strategies to improve the content, organization and language of their writing.
      • Students must develop editing strategies to address the mechanics of their writing in order to produce a finished piece.

      The content in this Teaching Tool is based on Ohio's Academic Content Standards and Benchmarks and includes types of questions asked on the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) in Writing. While various suggestions and activities for working with students are included, this Teaching Tool is designed to complement a rigorous, research-based curriculum, not to substitute for one.

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