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High School — Writing
Writing Conventions


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    Writing Conventions


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      Overview: Talking with Teachers about Writing Conventions

      A writing convention is an accepted rule of written and spoken language. Writers follow the rules of Standard English, including correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar to communicate in a widely understood language. Students must carefully consider the rules of written language to communicate clearly and precisely.

      Encourage students to settle for nothing less than a meticulous presentation of their written ideas. Like a gift wrapped in colorful paper in honor of a friend's birthday, writing that is carefully edited for spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar makes an impression.

      The Ohio Academic Content Standards establish the following expectations for student performance in the area of Writing Conventions:

      • Students must be able to communicate ideas free of grammatical errors that distract from clarity of meaning.

      The content in this Teaching Tool is based on Ohio's Academic Content Standards and Benchmarks and includes types of questions asked on the Ohio Graduation Test in Writing. While various suggestions for working with students are included, this Teaching Tool is designed to complement a rigorous, research-based curriculum, not to substitute for one.


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