Section 2: Using OGT Data Effectively: Tips and Strategies for Teachers, School Leaders and District Leaders

Tips and Strategies for Teachers

The following tips and strategies are for Ohio teachers serving in the following roles:

Identifying Classroom Priorities

Use subject-level performance data and Teaching Tools resources to determine your class priorities. Using the data from the online score reports, your knowledge of content standards and benchmarks, and the resources in Teaching Tools will help you determine on what areas you need to focus.

Identifying Classes to Create

To achieve your instructional goals, review the overall and subject performance of your school to determine the specific strengths and needs of your students. Create classes based on your priorities. Use the class report data to determine your students’ performance. Also, you can use the Breakdown By Groups Template for Teachers to plan for and monitor your classes.

By reviewing the online and printed OGT reports, you can reflect on student performance and pinpoint your students’ specific needs to create an instructional plan that addresses those needs. You may review data from other schools and districts or from previous classes. You may also review data from classroom tests your students completed throughout the year. Use these data to think about how curriculum and instructional planning may affect your students’ performance. Also, consider completing the guiding questions in the Reflection Templates, which will allow you to analyze the data for your classes.

You may also view OGT scores by content standard for all students.

Viewing Results by Content Standard

You can view results by content standard in a particular subject to pinpoint areas in which Grade 10 students have struggled in the past; you can then use these data to make instructional decisions for your students. Even though these data do not reflect your particular students’ performance, you can still use the data to guide instruction for students preparing to take the OGT.

From the homepage, click View All Students’ Scores. Ensure you are in the right subject and grade report. Click any content standard to sort the students’ proficiency level by that category.

View All Students’ Scores (School Level)
View All Students’ Scores (School Level)

Click the following link to download the Reflection Template for Grades 9 and 10 teachers and complete the guiding questions. These questions are designed to help you reflect on the data and analyze how they can inform your instructional decisions.

To see how a particular student in your class performed, find the student’s name. You will see this student’s overall scale score as well as his or her overall proficiency level and proficiency status by content standard.