Section 2: Using OGT Data Effectively: Tips and Strategies for Teachers, School Leaders and District Leaders

Tips and Strategies for School Leaders

These strategies are meant to help you apply the features of the OAR Web site to inform your planning and evaluation of school- and grade-wide priorities, including program effectiveness and preparing students to retake the OGT.

Reviewing OGT data will help you reflect on your school’s curriculum and instructional scope and sequence in your classrooms, which in turn affects your students’ learning and performance.

You can review overall results and results by content standard to pinpoint areas where students have struggled on the OGT and then use the data to make school-wide decisions about curriculum, instruction and professional development.

From the homepage, click View All Students’ Scores  to view the overall performance of students in your school. You will see each student’s scale score for the requested subject as well as his or her overall proficiency level within each content standard.

Identifying Custom Classes

Review the overall and subject performance for your school to investigate students’ specific strengths and needs and to create classes that will achieve your intervention goals. You can create classes based on the actual classes in your school to see how they are performing. From this information, you can look for patterns or trends in performance and suggest particular differentiation strategies to teachers. Use the Breakdown By Groups Template for School Leaders to plan for and monitor your classes.

Identifying School- and Grade-wide Priorities

Using the data from your Online Score Report page, think about how you might prepare for a staff meeting to discuss OGT data. Consider how you might encourage teachers to become part of the data analysis process.

As a school leader, one of your responsibilities may be to provide professional development opportunities for your teachers and staff members. In order to make the most of these sessions, consider basing them on the use of data to drive instruction and planning in your school.

Focus your professional development on analyzing data, including OGT data, and highlight best practices to understand the instructional needs of your students. For ideas on encouraging teachers to implement OGT data-based differentiation, use the Professional Development Planning Checklist. You can also use the templates available for professional development activities related to Reflection, Planning, and Assessment for Grade 9 and 10 Teachers, Intervention Teachers and Grade 11 Teachers.