Section 2: Using OGT Data Effectively: Tips and Strategies for Teachers, School Leaders and District Leaders

Tips and Strategies for District Leaders

The following strategies are designed to help you apply the features of this site and incorporate them into your discussions of best practices for data-driven instruction.

Identifying District-wide Priorities 

As a district leader, you set priorities for multiple school communities and possibly hundreds of classrooms. Identify what your priorities are and share this information with your school leaders. They should understand how teachers in their grades can address learning needs. When you work together as a team, you can work together to determine clear objectives and goals for helping students achieve proficiency.

Planning and Providing Professional Development for Teachers and Staff

As a district leader, you provide professional development opportunities for teachers and staff members in your district. To make the most of these sessions, consider basing them on the use of data to drive instruction and planning in schools and classrooms.

Your professional development workshops may focus on analyzing data, including OGT data, to make instructional decisions in the schools and classrooms. You can also plan sessions that highlight best practices in understanding the instructional needs of students.

The Professional Development Planning Checklist will help you define your objectives, plan your session, and provide follow-up sessions for school leaders and teachers.