Section 3: Increasing collaboration and communication using OGT data

Using OGT Data To Set Collaborative Goals

Collaboration among educators is essential for improving student achievement. Data about what students know and can do set the stage for productive discussions among teachers. The collaborative process cycle shown below can help make team meetings more efficient and productive.


District and School Leaders can follow this cycle to support Grades 9 and 10 teachers who are applying strategies to prepare students taking the OGT for the first time.

District and school leaders can also use this cycle to support intervention and Grade 11 teachers with appropriate professional development to address the needs of students who need to retake the OGT.

District and School Leaders and Teachers should do the following:

District and School Leaders engaging in this process can download the Data Interpretation, Investigating Areas of Strength and Investigating Areas for Improvement templates as a starting point for examining OGT data in a collaborative setting.

Templates for Teachers

Teachers beginning this process can download the Getting Started as a Collaborative Team and the Collaborative Team Meeting Templates to aid in the collaborative process.