Section 3: Increasing collaboration and communication using OGT data

Goal-setting Tips for the District and School Leadership Teams

Reviewing the overall and subject-level performance data and discussing performance patterns is the first step to analyzing and understanding student performance on the OGT.

Begin by examining the positive patterns in your data and the factors that contribute to strong student performance. You can start by accessing your district’s or school’s Online Score Report and View All Students’ Scores chart.

Using the Online Score Report

View the Online Score Report data to help identify the positive student performance patterns across your district and to note the areas that challenged students in your district.

Questions to Ask:

The next step is to consider why these student performance patterns exist.

The answers to these questions are the first steps in identifying the root causes of certain performance patterns.

View All Students’ Scores

The View All Students’ Scores data will provide specific information that your leadership team can use to pinpoint the content standards that contribute to strong student performance.

When reviewing these data, answer the following question: What factors are contributing to these patterns of strong performance in my district?

Also, determine which subject areas need improvement.

For information on how to create these custom groups, choose the Professional Development Tool, Using OGT Data Effectively: Tips and Strategies for Teachers, School Leaders and District Leaders.