Section 3: Increasing collaboration and communication using OGT data

Using OGT Data as a Collaborative Tool for Intervention

“When asked to reflect on [the collaborative inquiry process], teachers typically mention that in the hectic pace of their work, they rarely slow down enough to analyze why things happen, and they would like to do more of this” (Langer and Colton, 2005).

Understanding student OGT performance in your school or district is critical to planning and implementing the appropriate intervention strategies and programs as a leadership team. Reviewing your district or school’s intervention goals before examining the existing intervention program(s) will help get your team started. When it comes to intervention, the OGT data provide an entry point for key insights—both positive and negative—that merit further exploration.

District or School Leaders: If students in your district or school find particular OGT areas challenging, you will want to understand why. You will also want to determine how you can provide the educators in your school or district with the resources they need to work effectively with students who need to retake the OGT. As you work with your leadership team(s), you should aim to answer the following question:

What are the goals of our district’s or school’s intervention program(s)?

Using this question as a starting point should help your team review the programs already in place or determine what types of intervention will meet your students’ needs. Working in leadership or collaborative teams will help you prioritize and address the specific needs of the students in your school or district.

Grade 9 or 10 Teachers: You and your colleagues can work together to look for performance patterns in the OGT data. Doing so will enable you to determine an appropriate plan of action to help students who will take the OGT for the first time. Past OGT data combined with current classroom data can provide insight into what types of planning and instruction are effective for students who may be at risk for scoring below proficient levels.

Grade 11 and Intervention Teachers:  The OGT data can not only help you pinpoint areas for improvement and investigate how the school community can address these problems but also help you identify the areas students are struggling with before they retake the OGT.