Section 3: Increasing collaboration and communication using OGT data

Strategies for Teachers

The following strategies are designed for Ohio teachers serving in the following roles:

These strategies can help these teachers apply the features of this site to their planning and instruction.

Planning a Collaborative Teacher Team Meeting

Finding time to collaborate may be one of the most difficult tasks your teacher team will face. Once you determine your meeting times, you can then agree upon discussion guidelines and agendas. View the Collaborative Team Meeting Template for meeting agenda ideas, discussion guidelines and guiding questions.

Using OGT Data and Student Work to Evaluate Lesson Plans

Looking at current student work is a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of your lesson plans and modify your instruction.

In your collaborative teacher team, use the View All Students’ Scores data as a starting point to determine on which content standard to focus. Everyone should work from the same content standard. Once your team has chosen a content standard on which to focus, examine current student work in that content standard. It is important to understand what students have mastered and what content is giving students difficulty.

On your own, choose a lesson plan to modify. It is best to choose a lesson plan that you have not yet taught or one that you plan to use to re-teach a particular concept. Use the Modified Lesson Planner Template to think through modifications to your instruction. Once you have completed the template, share your updated lesson plan with your collaborative team before presenting the lesson to your students. When you are ready to teach from your modified lesson plan, ask someone to observe and give you feedback.

Planning Intervention

Individual students preparing to retake the OGT will need intervention services so that they can build the skills they need to pass. Use the Action Plan for Teachers Template to begin considering how you and your team can work together to address the needs of students who need to retake the OGT.