Section 3: Increasing collaboration and communication using OGT data

Strategies for School Leaders

The following strategies are designed for school leaders serving in these roles:

Investigating Why Performance Patterns May Exist in Your School

Discuss your school’s OGT data with your School Leadership Team. Using the Online Score Report and View All Students’ Scores data, ask your team why they think particular student performance patterns exist. Use the Investigating Your School’s Strong Performance Areas Template and the Investigating Your School’s Areas for Improvement Template to plan your next steps as a School Leadership Team.

Then, as your smaller investigation teams examine the next steps outlined in the Investigation templates, use the Data Interpretation Template to plan the research each team will do to determine the reasons behind your OGT performance patterns. This will help your investigation team as they prepare their findings for the rest of the staff.

Evaluating School Programs Using OGT Data

After investigating your school’s OGT Online Score Report and View All Students’ Scores data with your leadership team, you and your colleagues should have accomplished the following:

Next, create an action plan that identifies how your leadership team can anticipate potential challenges as the plan is implemented. The Action Plan Template will help you and your leadership team determine how you can strengthen and reinforce the best practices that are already being applied to address the learning gaps in your school.

Maintaining Teacher Collaboration

Finding time for your teachers to collaborate may be one of the most difficult tasks your Collaborative Teacher Teams will face when getting started. Once each team has determined its meeting time, ensure that these collaborative meetings are happening and are effective. View the Collaborative Team Meeting Template for meeting agenda ideas, discussion guidelines and questions to help guide Collaborative Teacher Teams through the collaborative process.