Section 3: Increasing collaboration and communication using OGT data

Strategies for District Leaders

The following strategies are designed to help you apply the features of this site and incorporate them into your discussions of best practices for data-driven instruction.

Investigating Why Performance Patterns May Exist in Your District

As a District Leader reviewing multiple administrations of the OGT, you need to know how students are progressing in their most challenging areas. Hold a meeting with your district leaders and use the Investigating District Areas for Improvement and Data Interpretation Templates to determine areas that need targeted school-level support.

You may also want to spend time recognizing areas in which your district performed well by using the Investigating District Areas of Strong Performance Template.

Evaluating District Programs Through Needs Assessment

After investigating your district’s OGT Overall Results, Results by Content Standard, and Student Roster data with your leadership team, you and your colleagues should have accomplished the following:

Your next step is to create an action plan that identifies how your leadership team will anticipate challenges that may come up as the plan is implemented. The Action Plan Template will help you and your leadership team determine how you can strengthen and reinforce the best practices that are already being applied to address the learning gaps in your district’s schools.

Connecting the Middle and High Schools in Your District

Ohio standards and benchmarks are banded together to include relationships between middle and high school expectations for learning. As a District Leadership Team, you are in a position to ensure that middle and high school educators are in constant communication about the OGT and the standards that high school students find most challenging.

To help encourage vertical collaboration and regular communication between building staffs, have the school leadership teams in both middle and high school meet and discuss investigation and action plans using the Data Interpretation and the Action Plan Templates.