Section 4: Using this System for Planning and Instruction

Using This System for Planning and Instruction

“In the medical profession, treatment needs to be tailored to an individual patient's needs; at times, more than one intervention is needed to effectively treat a patient. Similarly, educators need to test mixes of intervention elements to find the ones that work best for students with different needs” (Biancarosa and Snow, 12).

The Ohio Online Assessment Reporting System provides Teachers and School Leaders with access to Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) data to help them effectively plan their lessons and provide tailored instruction to meet the needs of all students. In this section, you will learn about the teaching and learning cycle (framework), differentiated instruction practices, and intervention methods and tools to assist you in planning and improving instruction.

  1. Establishing a Framework. The OGT data provide you with a framework for designing lesson plans or units and improving instruction in your classes and schools. This framework will help you apply the data and identify the instructional needs of students, and it will provide insight into how you can improve the teaching and learning process.
  2. Using Data to Plan Differentiated Instruction. All students do not learn the same way; therefore, good teachers adapt to students’ different learning styles. Teachers and School Leaders will find examples of implementing differentiated instruction in the classroom and school.
  3. Intervention Strategies. Students who have not passed the OGT or specific content standards will require help in improving their knowledge and skills to retake the exam. You will find intervention strategies and helpful tools on the following pages. Also, Teachers and School Leaders who are preparing students to take the test for the first time may find these intervention strategies and tools helpful after reviewing data from previous years and determining which topics or test items have been most challenging for past students.