Section 5: Beyond the OGT: Helping Students Achieve Success

Beyond the OGT: Helping Students Achieve Success

In addition to the OGT data that teachers and school leaders can access through the Ohio Online Assessment Reporting System, students can access the Ohio Statewide Testing Web site (, which provides interactive practice tests and resources. These resources provide students, families and teachers with information and opportunities to encourage active participation in the learning process.

Teachers will find the following three sections of use in helping students access their own test information, encouraging students to actively plan for learning, and engaging families to support students throughout the school year. This section will be helpful to Grade 9 and 10 Teachers preparing students for their first OGT, Grade 11 Teachers working with students who have already taken the OGT, and Intervention Teachers preparing students to retake the OGT.

Helping Students Access and Use the Ohio Statewide Testing Web Site

Encouraging Student Engagement

Increasing Family Involvement in Student Learning