Section 5: Beyond the OGT: Helping Students Achieve Success

Helping Students Access and Use the Ohio Success Suite Web Site

Although students are affected by test results, they rarely have access to their own performance data. The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) provides a variety of resources on the Success Suite Web site as well as access to individual student information through the Online Score Report.

After students view their scores, they can better understand their academic strengths and needs and begin charting their own academic progress. Using the data available to them, students can access the Ohio Success Suite Web site and take practice tests, see released items, and use the resources available.

The Online Score Report

The Online Score Report can put critical information in the hands of students who have completed the tests that will help them understand their academic strengths and needs. Grade 11 Teachers and Intervention Teachers can use the Online Score Report to engage students in a discussion about their results.

Exploring a sample OGT Report. Spending time in class exploring a sample report allows you to ensure that students understand how to read and interpret the document.

Student Report
Student Report

The Get All Test Scores for One Student report shows how many OGT subjects each student passed, as well as the performance-level descriptions and breakdown of data by content standards.

Get All Test Scores for One Student
Get All Test Scores for One Student

Explain to students that their performance in each content standard is based on the number of points they earned, compared to the range of points minimally proficient (just passing) students earn. The symbols show the student that the number of points he or she earned was within the limited, basic, proficient, advanced, or accelerated range.

Go over this information with students and discuss what they can do now to prepare for the future. This is an effective way to get students thinking about how their academic performance affects the opportunities and experiences they will have after they graduate from high school.

Use this discussion as a step toward setting up one-on-one student conferences to discuss each student’s individual goals and what steps each student plans to take to achieve these goals.

Click to download the Student-Directed Conferences Template for Teachers for a detailed framework on how to use the OGT data with your students. This template details how to motivate students to set their own goals, determine strategies to achieve these goals, and assess their progress along the way.

Additional Resources

It is important that Teachers formulate an overall picture of each student’s strengths and needs by using not only standardized test data but also data from classroom assessments, projects, homework, classroom participation, and other sources. Use the Multiple Sources of Data Template to explore the different types of student performance data available and how you can use them to understand your students’ academic needs.