Section 5: Beyond the OGT: Helping Students Achieve Success

Planning Beyond High School

Helping students bridge the gap between academics and the real world is a powerful way to make learning more meaningful. Students are often more motivated to learn when they see a concrete link between the instructional content at hand and their own interests, experiences and aspirations. At the secondary level, an effective way to bridge this gap is through an exploration of opportunities beyond high school, such as college and career options.

There are a number of resources available to you on this site as well as on the Ohio Statewide Testing Web site to engage students in thinking about their future. These resources include the Online Score Report, the template highlighted below and other ideas to encourage students to think about their future. 

Template for Teachers and Students. Download Explore Options for the Future Template, which will provide you with a step-by-step process for exploring with students what they would like to do after high school and what they need to do now to achieve their aspirations.

Additional Activities. Provide students with information about internships, volunteer opportunities, college fairs, and career fairs. Take your class on a local university tour or to a college or career fair in your area, and invite speakers with different careers to speak to your classes.